Sponsorship Opportunities for Reggae Sumfest

Reggae Sumfest always seeks to creatively partner with companies that wish to associate themselves with a high quality event that brings thousands of music lovers together for a one of a kind experience. Being a sponsor of Reggae Sumfest is an effective way to reach our patrons, whether by introducing new products through sampling, or simply by informing or educating the festival-goers about the company through advertising and promotions. Becoming a sponsor of Reggae Sumfest can have a tremendously positive impact on any company whose products or ideas are in line with the lifestyle of our devoted festival fans. It is an effective vehicle to increase sales and brand awareness and to promote growth.

Platinum Sponsors platinum.jpg

Platinum Sponsors enjoy the highest level of visibility and exposure to thousands of persons over a four month period. These partners work along with the Sumfest team to ensure their brands are presented in the most effective way, as well as assist the team in ensuring that the production meets the highest standard, thus creating the highest level of mutual satisfaction. Platinum sponsors are represented in all forms of promotions and advertising for the event.

Gold Sponsors gold.jpg

Gold Sponsorship offers the second highest level of benefits available. Together with the Platinum Sponsors these partners will work with Sumfest to develop the strategies and plans that will ensure the highest production quality and maximum exposure of the event and its partners. Gold Sponsors are represented in most forms of promotions and advertising of the festival.

Silver Sponsorssilver.jpg

Silver Sponsors are offered excellent levels of product exposure at a reasonable level of investment. Their support ensure that all the finer production and promotional details for the festival are taken care of. Silver Sponsors are offered the third highest level of exposure and are represented in select forms of promotions and advertising of the festival.

Hotel Partnershotel.jpg

Our Hotel Partners are integral to the success of the festival. These partners ensure that our artistes and production crew are comfortable and well taken care of so that they can present a first class festival. Hotel Partners enjoy similar level of sponsorship benefits to Silver Sponsors.

Associate Sponsorsassociate.jpg

While these sponsors are our at our lowest rung on the sponsorship ladder, their contributions are very significant. This level of sponsorship allows smaller companies a chance to get involved with the festival and have the opportunity to promote to the large international audience available at the festival, while providing the festival with valuable support and products.